Buying in Today’s Market

The current market environment provides incredible opportunities for home ownership. Interest rates are at 40 year lows and prices are affordable.

Loans are available to qualified buyers with little or no upfront investment.

Current homeowners may be in an excellent position to move up.

There are many more purchasing options today. Are you a good candidate for a short sale property? Is a foreclosure property right for you?

If you are a first time home buyer I would like to assist you with the process of making home ownership a reality. We will work as a team to successfully navigate negotiations, inspections, possible repairs, appraisal, financing, title and escrow.

This beautiful northern end of the Willamette Valley has been my lifelong home. I am familiar with the urban neighborhoods and surrounding suburban areas. I have lived on small acreage and understand the unique characteristics of rural properties.


It would be my pleasure to visit with you about your plans.